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About Us

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It is Atlantic Crossings’ business to help leading edge technology companies to enter and expand in the European market. Whether you want our advice or want us to fully jump start your International adventure in Europe, we have the knowledge and network to make your journey a success.

Over the last 20 years, Atlantic Crossings has been active on the crossroads of commerce, marketing and technology.We were among the first to implement interactive technology in marketing campaigns, created a huge shift in how people worked together using social technology, and now help companies to move to the cloud.

When friends meet for dinner

how it all came to be…

Well over 20 years ago three friends came together contemplating what to do next in their careers. With their background ranging from strategy, marketing and technology they entered in a discussion that tried to answer:

What is the next wave in technology that will move people to change the way they interact?

The result of that discussion was that they decided starting a new business together was the best way of finding out. Since then Atlantic Crossings have surfed a few of those waves, and is always looking for a next one.

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